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Art & Architecture is an independent association providing a public forum for cross-discipline debate. Celebrating twenty-eight years, Art & Architecture (A&A) has been influencing the role of art, design and building, ever since its inception at a landmark ICA conference in 1982. To date A&A has presented over 200 lectures and numerous events, a considerable achievement for a voluntary group.

Applying the principle of art practice at the forefront of innovation, A&A promotes the collective approach as the vehicle to a better public domain. Rallying and empowering practitioners it advocates joined-up thinking between architects, engineers, planners, artists and academics to meet new challenges, such as a low carbon society and "restorative" ecological design.

In order to achieve the desired levels of quality and influence the future of the built environment the aim is to stimulate a lively and open debate through its open talks programme.

A&A receives the support of a distinguished list of patrons, including Will Alsop, Alan Baxter, Charles Jencks.

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