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Welcome to Art and Architecture!
We are an independent, interdisciplinary arts organization
that examines the crossover between Art and Architecture.
more about A&A ...

A&A is based in London England
Our offices are at the heart of Farringdon, a district famous for commerce and design

Our Organization was founded in 1982 following the landmark ICA conference Art and Architecture
A&A led the campaign for the percentage for Arts scheme in the UK
Our society has presented over 200 events in the past 27 years

We have always been a community of like minded individuals
Community is high on the list of our priorities, both in the running of our organization and in our broader practice
We promote the exchange of ideas and encourage action through small local groups

Our main activity is arranging events
These are generally evening lectures or panel forums and normally take place in the Gallery at our Farringdon HQ. Our speakers range from architects, artists, curators, theorists, engineers, educationalists and politicians

A&A disseminates Information and circulates ideas between its members
We have a number of forums where we share information

Over the years A&A has published a number of documents
For many years we produced a quarterly journal
Recently we published a 25 year anniversary book

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