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Our life is made up of moments that go by unnoticed, due to our daily routine.

What would it be like to capture this routine with a camera? What would it be like to freeze these moments of our life that, for many, and even for us, don’t seem to be very important?

Everyday Photo invites you to give importance to the fragments of our everyday life, capturing those instants with astuteness and aesthetic richness.

Get inspired and participate!

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Legitimization to take part:

• They can participate people major of 18 years old and people under 18 who are relying on express authorization of their parents or legal representatives, and once they are known and accepted by the participant the conditions of registration, protection of information, intellectual property, and all those other conditions that, with general character, should be additionally considered necessary for the participation of the users in Blipoint.

• For technical reasons the participants of the contest will have to be registered in Blipoint.


• An image will be selected by a qualified panel of judges, from among the first 70 pre-selected that have received the best quality of votes.

• The author of the winning image will receive a single prize of a FLASH ORION 400 set of lights; a kit that includes two 400w/s Orion Flashes, two Softboxes, two light stands, and a transportation bag.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s webpage.

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