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Photography Contest “MUSIC THROUGH YOUR VEINS” of Blipoint

Music is life.  It is a human necessity.  It has the extraordinary capacity to evoke and express our deepest emotions, and influence our mood. It can bring us to a state of ecstasy, in which we connect with our innermost self, and with everything that surrounds us, at a level that goes beyond the physical.

Music is energy. Every part of our body vibrates to the beat of its melody, and it is then, when our spirit blooms. Music is freedom.


The 25 winning images will be displayed at 10 Gales Contemporary Art Space in London from April 13th to 20th, 2011


More info:


The Blipoint´s team wishes you luck!


There will be a pre-selection of the first 100 images by way of the voting system.  Then, a qualified panel of judges will select the 25 images to be displayed. 

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