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The body is used by the performer as tool to highlight and explore the landscape; curating the form and emotion of the land through the diversity of the body. I am currently developing a performance which explores notions and contexts the body become a mirror and a
reflection of the landscape of the environment to espouse notions of the
emotional and psychological impact of landscape of the body both internal and
external. This performance seeks to cultivate the conditions for the audience
to encounter
a form of
experience that defies classification or explanation of human behavioural form;
an encounter with a new mode of perception that allows a lightness and new
sensibility to the existence of the body in space and time.

This performance strives to materialise a landscape through performance of between the body and landscape exploring how far the body can embody emotional sentiment through non
linear counter intuitive dialogue; developing, through visualisation, a space
that allows for any potential; with no boundary or limitation

To consider active perception as a means to fully engage with the nature of space; with no expectation yet a moment of gratitude for the science of being. The role of the viewer to construct a frame
work in which to construct a logic or non logic for an occurring action or non

For initial performance research Please see for more information about this project

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