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  • derelicay


    Part of series exploring derelict and decaying urban space. sister suitcase Oct. 6, 2010 11 views

  • Half Penny Steps

    Half Penny Steps

    On a very hot Saturday afternoon, a meditative reflection on the shadows and sounds of the people c… Helen Petts Oct. 5, 2010 6 views

  • Akio Suzuki

    Akio Suzuki

    Small film collaboration with Japanese sound artist Akio Suzuki. August 2010. Helen Petts Oct. 5, 2010 14 views

  • Unfathomable Liquids

    Unfathomable Liquids

    First of 5 films with musicians Roger Turner and Phil Minton. Commissioned by Matts's Gallery, Lond… Helen Petts Oct. 5, 2010 2 views

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